Nick Beggs

Nick Beggs

Nick Beggs - Stick Insect

Stick Insect - Nick Beggs

Stick Insect (digital release 2011)
Science Fiction
The Reggae Man's Hair Do
Tontos Retrun
Look At Us
Down Stream
Glass Slippers
The Last Bitch In Hellville
Death By Cleavage
For All That's Lost
In Memory Of You

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The Maverick Helmsman - Nick Beggs

The Maverick Helmsman (digital release 2011)
All The Things You Are
My Joy
So Far Away
The Maverick Helmsman
The Vigil
Your Letter
The Meaning Of Everything
When We First Met
Highland Saunter

Nick Beggs has recorded at REDdot Studios since the late 90's.

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Nick Beggs - Stick insectNick Beggs - Maverick Helmsman

Nick Beggs
Stick Insect & The Maverick Helmsman
Digitally Released by
REDdot Music
23 February 2011

Nick Beggs - Bass guitarist, Chapman Stick player and Vocalist.

Nick Beggs. A bass guitarists, Chapman Stick player and vocalist known to many as the bass player and vocalist in Kajagoogoo, who stormed the charts in the 80's with the hits, Too Shy, Lions Mouth, Big Apple and Ooh To Be Ah.

In 2001 Nick recorded and released his first solo Stick album, titled Stick Insect, and The Maverick Helmsman followed in 2004.

Nick currently tours around the world with artists Kim Wilde, Steve Hackett many other notable musicians and bands.

Nick's primary instruments are Chapman Stick and bass guitar. His bass guitars include a Tanglewood acoustic bass and a Fender jazz fretless, a prototype Ashbory bass, a 5 string Wal bass (modified by Beggs to include a MIDI pickup enabling him to trigger synths), an Aria SB, a Kramer, a Musicman Stingray and a Rickenbacker 4003 FG.

He has also significantly modified a Chapman Stick to a fully MIDI abled instrument, triggering MIDI from both bass and melody strings. He has named this the "Virtual Stick". He uses a TC Electronic RH450 bass amp with RS210 and RS212 cabinets.

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